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Invite Positive Vibes into Your Home

Tuesday, March 30, 2021   /   by Earl Gaddi

Invite Positive Vibes into Your Home

Many of us are starting to get restless inside our four walls. Home is where the heart is, but it's also where the classroom, daycare, office, and gym are during COVID-19. This is a lot to handle in one place, but with a little effort, elbow grease, and intention, you can show your home and yourself some love. Continue reading for easy ways to bring positive energy into your home.

Follow your nose

When it comes to setting the mood—whatever that mood may be—aromatherapy is essential! Your limbic system communicates with your sense of smell, which can help activate the receptors that control stress, mood, and sleep.

Using essential oils to create your current vibe is a simple and versatile way to do so. Filling your space with botanical goodness can be simple and inexpensive, whether through topical oils, DIY room sprays, or essential oil diffusers.

Another option is to go to your neighbourhood florist and get some fresh flowers. Keeping bouquets refrigerated at night, cutting stems on the diagonal, and refreshing the water are all simple ways to extend their life.

Grow good things

The practise of bringing elements of nature indoors, known as biophilic design, can benefit almost anyone. When people feel connected to the natural world, they thrive.

Plants are a simple way to incorporate biophilic design into your environment. Don't know where to begin? We've put together a handy quiz to help you find plants that are right for you. Even artificial plants can help create a relaxing atmosphere in the home.

Growing plants is a great way to develop routines and track progress in addition to their aesthetic value. You can start growing tasty, fresh food and herbs with as little as a sunny window and grocery store kitchen scraps.

Purify with nature

In your home, natural elements and minerals can provide excellent detoxifying properties. Some people even incorporate crystals into their surroundings, believing that they can attract positive energy or cleanse a space of negative energy.

Another great example is salt lamps, which are gaining popularity due to their purported delivery of stress-relieving negative ions into the surrounding environment.

You can toss out your clumsy filter pitcher for water purification. Some people believe that putting a stick of charcoal in your water jug or decanter will have the same effect while also looking sleek and elegant.

Show your space some love

In the form of dirt, disarray, and clutter, the solution to feeling less stressed at home can sometimes be found right under our noses. Whether it's simple 20-minute resets or weekly overhauls, find a cleaning routine that works for you.

Do you have a case of the housework blues? Try to set aside a spot in your home for when you need to recharge and gather the energy to get through your to-do list. Fill this space with things you enjoy, and make it a priority to keep it as a haven.

The office is another area in our homes that frequently requires some TLC. Many of us set up these spaces on the spur of the moment last year and haven't put much thought into making them comfortable and productive. Investing in this space can benefit both your mental and physical well-being.

Your home should make you feel comfortable, relaxed, and carefree. With the way things are going, your home may be doing double-duty, if not triple-duty, but there are ways to make it a more positive environment without making major changes.