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5 Tips in Cleaning Your Bathroom

Thursday, September 23, 2021   /   by Earl Gaddi

5 Tips in Cleaning Your Bathroom

The bathroom needs to be cleaned. It must be done, but no one wants to do it. It may be difficult to get the enthusiasm to scrub the shower walls and clean the toilet, but bathroom maintenance does not have to be difficult! You might be amazed at how swiftly the process can go if you stick to a schedule and clean efficiently. Work smarter, not harder, as the saying goes.

When it comes to cleaning your bathroom, how often should you do it?

You shouldn't wait until the grime has piled up before giving your bathroom a thorough cleaning. You should work on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, according to McCausland.
“I personally clean and wipe down my bathroom every day if I can, simply to keep it sparkly,” she explained. “How often you clean your bathroom is entirely based on how often it is used. Bathrooms with a lot of traffic always need a bit more love and attention. It usually works after a week or two!”

What is the most important aspect to concentrate on?

A weekly cleaning regimen is not for everyone. If you don't have time to complete a full bathroom scrub every week, you should at least concentrate on one critical area.
“Always, always concentrate McCausland was adamant about it. “The largest accumulation occurs when you neglect your toilet, therefore you'll want to avoid any unpleasant odours! Scrubbing Bubbles or Lysol bathroom foam are two products we use on a regular basis. A toilet with a pleasant odour will brighten up any bathroom.”

What should you do if you have a build-up of filth in your shower?

No matter how often you clean your shower tiles, the accumulation of filth is unavoidable. Spending effort wiping the walls just to have the filth build again days later can be discouraging. While totally preventing build-up isn't possible (unless you don't use the shower), McCausland has found a few things to be particularly useful.
McCausland said, "Grime and build-up happen over time; it's something we can't avoid." “I generally recommend Lysol bathroom bleach or CLR Mould and Mildew stain remover for mould and mildew.”

Those of us who have glass shower walls know how difficult it is to keep them clean. McCausland indicated that there is a means to keep the glass from becoming too filthy, as well as a simple mixture to clean it if it does.
“It's always a pain to clean glass shower doors,” she remarked. “They're lovely, however water stains take a long time to get rid of. If you can, use a squeegee after each shower! I use a moist cloth and a mixture of Dawn dish soap and vinegar. When the build-up occurs, it works well.”

What is the most effective method for cleaning your shower head?

Yes, it is correct. It's the shower head! Consider this: if you're cleaning yourself with water and the source of the water isn't clean, you're likely to have a problem. It's a difficult portion of the shower to reach, especially if height isn't one of your many gifts, but McCausland has a sure-fire solution to assist you clean the shower head.
She laughs, "Shower heads are simple peasy lemon squeezy." “Place equal amounts vinegar and distilled water in a plastic bag. Tie it around the shower head and sit back while it does the job for you! Scrub the shower head after removing the bag and watch the residue glide off.”

Are there any spots where dirt and grime accumulates more than others?

Dirt will naturally collect in your bathroom. That is the game's name. However, some areas seem to gather dirt more than others, and you should concentrate your cleaning efforts there.
“Anywhere there is caulking, filth will accumulate over time,” McCausland explained. “Also behind the toilet, particularly if you have young children at home with poor aim. The upper ridge in the top of the toilet bowl is also frequently overlooked. I've seen some pretty disgusting ones!”

Cleaning the bathroom is a pain—literally—and it always seems to be at the bottom of our to-do lists. However, if you stick to a regular routine and use these techniques, you could find it isn't as horrible as you imagined!