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16 Ways to Stay Busy this Winter

Thursday, March 4, 2021   /   by Earl Gaddi

16 Ways to Stay Busy this Winter

When the amount of sunlight is at its lowest, motivation can be difficult to come by, but there are plenty of tasks, activities, and projects to keep you busy, productive, and healthy until spring arrives.

1. Write out a meal plan.
Make use of those recipes you've saved and come up with a delicious dinner menu. Meal plans can help you get in the kitchen and be more creative. Make a weekly shopping list based on the recipes you've chosen so you'll have everything you need on hand. When your family asks, "What's for dinner?" you'll feel organised, prepared, and confident.

2. Declutter and organize.
With the hustle and bustle of the holidays and the start of the new year, chances are you still have some cleaning and organising to do around your house. Clutter and chaos cause stress, so getting rid of old or unwanted items can help you relax by clearing your space. Save any old toys or books in a box. Toss out any socks that have holes in them. Anything in good working order that is no longer needed in your home can be donated to a local Goodwill, shelter, food bank, or other community outreach programme. You'll be astounded at how much lighter and happier you feel!

3. Paint a wall.
After months of staring at the same four walls, it's time for a change of scenery, so why not spice things up with a can of paint? Paint a dark space white to brighten it up. By going dark, you can add drama to a room. Make a statement in your living room with a vibrant feature wall. A simple can of paint is a cost-effective and simple way to transform your space.

4. Plant an indoor herb garden.
There's nothing like fresh herbs to boost flavour, add colour, and provide a variety of nutrients to your meals. Planting a herb garden is a great way to ensure that you have fresh herbs all year. So toss out those store-bought herbs and pick up an indoor growing kit to get started on your countertop garden today.

5. Enjoy an at-home spa day.
For an at-home spa day, gather the bubble bath, candles, mud masks, and soothing music. Allow yourself a few hours to unwind and pamper yourself. Give yourself a facial, manicure, or pedicure, or engage in any other form of self-care you've been putting off. This one small act of self-care can have a big payoff.
6. Try a small DIY.
Why not try one of the many simple and quick DIY projects available on the internet? Experiment with a variety of small DIY projects, from terracotta paint to shibori, to find one that you enjoy.

7. Swap your lightbulbs.
Did you know that new, energy-efficient LEDs use only 20%–25% of the energy used by traditional incandescent bulbs and can last 15–25 times longer? Making the switch is well worth the investment, as it will save you hundreds of dollars over the life of the bulbs.
8. Redecorate for winter.
The harsh winter weather can make you crave warmth, cosiness, and comfort; adding these five must-have décor items to your space will transform it and give it that desired cosy vibe.

9. Stay active.
With winter in full swing and snow up to your knees, getting outside for the recommended 30 minutes of physical activity each day can be difficult. Setting up a small work-out area in your home can help you stay motivated and on track with your objectives. If you're looking for workout inspiration or ideas, there are thousands of free and paid workout videos available online.

10. Have a movie night.
It's movie night, so grab some snacks, pop some popcorn, and gather the family! Put everyone's choice in a hat and draw a title if your family is having trouble deciding on a movie. It keeps things fair and square!

11. Do some good for others.
February, we can all agree, is a difficult month for everyone. An act of kindness can bring a smile to someone's face. Paying for the person behind you in line at the drive-through or shovelling your neighbor's driveway are both examples of simple acts of kindness. You'll feel good, and they'll feel good, too–a it's win-win situation!

12. Make a reno list.
Do you have a mental list of all the home improvements you want to make? Get all of your thoughts out of your head and onto paper. Budget, timeline, and materials are all details that can help you prioritise and plan your attack.

13. Plan something to look forward to.
While a trip to a tropical island may be out of the question for the time being, planning a trip, event, or special activity will give you something to anticipate.

14. Deep clean.
While a trip to a tropical island is unlikely for the time being, planning a trip, event, or special activity will provide you with something to look forward to.

15. Mend your clothes.
Sew the button back on your blouse or hem those too-long pants. You'll be glad you did it later. We're confident that these 16 activities will help you beat the winter blues and live a happier life. How do you keep yourself occupied during the dreary winter months?

16. Binge-watch a new show.
If you subscribe to a streaming service like Netflix or Amazon Prime, you'll have access to thousands of new (or old) shows waiting to be binge-watched. There are plenty of options to keep you occupied, ranging from home décor before-and-after shows to classics like Friends.